Massage from the universe: value yourself

Affirmations towards ourselves are vital to impact the way we see and carry ourselves out in the world. Which releases positive energy to the world ❀️.

Ok imagine a R100 note, You crumple it up, put in the jean forget about it. Then laundry day comes and you wash your jeans only to find that same R100 note in your pocket is wet and crumpled up. What do you do? Throw it away or wait for it to dry? Your answer should be “Wait for it to dry”.

If you can see the value in a piece of paper with ink on it. Why can’t you see the value in yourself? Yes you have been hurt, yes your disabled, yes you are depressed, yes your an addict, yes your angry. That is WHAT you are going through NOT who you ARE so yes you can over come it. How?

By using positive words when talking to yourself be kinder to yourself. Don’t get frustrated over things beyond your control. Cut out what is not good for you. Yes we both know you know what needs to be cut out of your life in order to feel valued. The question is are you ready to value yourself and put yourself on a pedestal and say nicer and kinder words to yourself?

Start with affirmations positive ones. Such as you are a Queen or King and get into the drive of being that mental Queen or King you want to be. Self value is something we mix up with self absorbing behaviour and we should not see it that way.

Look you need to value yourself the way you value the R100 note. Because you are valuable. My words of affirmation to myself is: “YOU are the best and yes I am a Queen as humble as I am I shall be me”.

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