A very hurt soul

I haven’t been writing in a very long time and I was going through alot of pain emotionally and spiritually. I have not taken care of my soul. And I guess alot of us have not been taking care of our souls as well. I went through each and everyday just going and not really taking care of my soul my well being, not asking myself questions such as: How are you? What did you like about today? What can you make better tomorrow? These questions were not answered and each day I felt sad not knowing why I was sad. Yes life happens. As you stop and just reconnect with yourself. Answer these questions and more introspective questions that can help you understand yourself better. My process of healing my hurt soul, isn’t going so easy each day I feel like life is mocking my situation and I have to smile and wave as it crushes me inside. I find myself laughing it off with years in my eyes, so I do not get lost in the negativity. We go about it differently, I saw my mom doing it in a way she was talking to herself no not in a crazy way but in a way like she was talking to God.

I am not religious but I do believe that we all believe in something and there is nothing wrong with that. Healing a hurt soul there is no quick fix remedy it’s a process and it’s about how you want to heal your soul.

It just took me a while to get me to write again and share this piece of me.

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