Secrets with legs

Sunday I went to church and the priest spoke about how Jesus spread his word across. Well we all know how Jesus Christ did his miraculous recovery and healing to many people. Well, my priest interpretation was very interesting he said (paraphrasing) that Jesus told people to not tell anyone that he saved them but […]

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The endless selfless love

The idea of self love is a modern coined term to feel less selfish for loving you. Love yourself unconditionally and you will attract beautiful lovely beings into your circle. That’s a fact. This year I made a friend and I had built this big wall around my heart I couldn’t let people in but […]

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Confidence in yourself is the part of self care. Self esteem and self efficacy. Self esteem means having confidence in your own worth or abilities emphasis on self-respect. When we look at self efficacy self-efficacy, it is proposed by the psychologist Albert Bandura, it means to an individual’s belief in their capacity to do things […]

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Venturing on your own

When I was younger I was introduced to traveling going on vacation and I really loved it. Going on trips with a car feeling the wind on my face or having my first time plane experience. It’s sad to say that it has been over 5 years I haven’t gone on a decent trip with […]

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Being an only child as an adult

Growing up I did not want a sibling because of how I saw my friends who had a younger sibling. They just had to grow up so quickly, doing things like getting their younger siblings from day-care carrying them on their backs. I hated that and in the same breath felt sorry for them. They […]

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