Being an only child as an adult

Growing up I did not want a sibling because of how I saw my friends who had a younger sibling. They just had to grow up so quickly, doing things like getting their younger siblings from day-care carrying them on their backs. I hated that and in the same breath felt sorry for them. They […]

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Post Graduation

Graduating sounds like a dream. A far away dream when you are in highschool. Life after highschool things are not the way it seems, whether you take a gap year or just jump into university or college life just changes. It will reveal the type of person that you really are force you to be […]

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Loss of skills

Key word skills. If you are not nurturing or honing your skills you will lose it. A little backstory about myself. I have been neglecting my writing skills and social skills for the past few months. Throwing pitty parties for myself and honestly I am tired of partying with pitty. I am not the best […]

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Opening doors with your own keys

By Josentia Mafora 7 min read From playing in his church band in Limpopo, to being a producer, artist and an entrepreneur Thapelo Selahle is known as Stagz Jazz. He talks about his process to being an up-coming artist, the challenge of going to back school and how he is working towards being an all […]

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Wake up and smell the coffee

By: Josentia Mafora 7 min read 21 year-old forthcoming coffee mogul, Jean-Felix de Villiers founder and owner of Nubian Co., he opened his first coffee shop in Woodlands last year. β€œNubian Co. is an African themed brand inspired by North Eastern Africa, around Sudan close to Egypt. That’s where the name comes from”, He further […]

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Losing your super power

Remember when we were kids we chose our super powers? My friend wanted to be spider man because he had the ability to swing on spider webs and trap things with his web and I was… you guessed it a fairy princes. I wanted to grow plants, dance and sing. My friend and I we […]

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