It’s always hard to start over when you have no safety net. That safety net being anything from financial aid, parental guidance, even hope.

Recovery is also a state of mind. A sense of will. I remember when I realised that I will be failing one of my modules last year and results were not out yet but as a student you know when you did not do well. I definitely knew. I took it really hard because I know I had no financial aid for the module I had failed. I had no parental guidance because they didn’t understand. They took it as it’s just one module to me it was one too many I got depressed couldn’t eat, drinking to a point where I got scared paranoid in fact that “what if I get addicted?” That was constantly on my mind but I kept on drinking and smoking not really being active only being in a negative thought with no sense of hope.

Then I hated feeling this way there was nothing I can do but just focus on what I could do to better my situation. I got a part time job to pay for my fees. All I could think about is my goal to wear my graduation gown I am this close why give up now? My conscious helping me solve my problem and listening to it helped me get out the dark whole . I got out of that darkness of paranoia and fear.

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