Burning bridges๐Ÿ”ฅ

Have you ever just blocked someone and just felt lighter after you pressed block buttonโŽ? I often block people who I feel that they are too much and they are stressing me out. By blocking a person gives me peace of mind. Those who often prefer not to burn their bridges continuously cross the bridge. […]

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Giving my heart to a Maradona

Ok storytime: I had dated a guy for almost 7 years and he was a ladies man every girl wanted him. And me being me my competitive side came out and obviously I got him not knowing what will follow… Heartache and heartbreak. I loved him so much. Long story short he got a child […]

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Success messured

Success is not measured by the amount of riches you have but the people who make you feel rich -unknown I know a few people who would agree on me with that quote. But there are many who would disagree. In my family there is an uncle and an aunt whenever they are not at […]

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Standing still

We live in a world that is fast paced. People looking at you with a “your so weird” look. If you say “I had nothing to do today.” So you would say “my day was chilled but I did this and that.” But that’s besides the point youth unemployment is a battle South Africa is […]

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