Forgiving myself

I have always been that girl that was over protected by her parents any chance I got to taste freedom… I took with both hands like there will be no tomorrow. And with that come bad friends that lead me to the freedom I craved, I wanted. While I portrayed my good girl act. Obviously […]

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It’s always hard to start over when you have no safety net. That safety net being anything from financial aid, parental guidance, even hope. Recovery is also a state of mind. A sense of will. I remember when I realised that I will be failing one of my modules last year and results were not […]

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A very hurt soul

I haven’t been writing in a very long time and I was going through alot of pain emotionally and spiritually. I have not taken care of my soul. And I guess alot of us have not been taking care of our souls as well. I went through each and everyday just going and not really […]

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Self destruct

I have been reading up on self destructive behaviour. And I am just in limbo within myself about my self destructive ways. Before I begin story time. I had a friend he was a cutter. I saw his self destructive ways, I reported it to our teacher at school and he never spoke to me […]

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Trained by a narcissist

Tammy a beautiful naΓ―ve girl dated Joe a year ago, he was a narcissist she didn’t know what a narcissist was and how they behaved. Joe was a guy who wanted things on his own time never giving Tammy his time unless he wanted something from her. Tip 1 narcissist choose there victims very wisely […]

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The last breath

One afternoon at the local mall I had to go to the restroom. Ok weird way to start my story I know bare with me…As I was leaving the restroom I see a lady probably in her early 40s walking towards the restroom with an elderly lady. Rapping her arms around the elderly lady probably […]

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Finding peace and being patient

Emotionally and psychologically I have been impatient with myself. Not finding the peace within myself. Having sleepless nights and having weird and scary dreams. Ok side,note I do analyse my dreams. I believe dreams can help you uncover what you can’t uncover in your waking life dreams are a guideline to my inner peace. I […]

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Rebuilding the bridges

On my last post I spoke about burning the bridge. In life burning bridges is not always the way to move forward. There will be people in your life that you need to forgive and or apologize to to rebuild the bridge. In a journey of finding myself I have made mistakes and some I […]

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