Venturing on your own

When I was younger I was introduced to traveling going on vacation and I really loved it. Going on trips with a car feeling the wind on my face or having my first time plane experience.

It’s sad to say that it has been over 5 years I haven’t gone on a decent trip with my family let alone on my own. December 2021 I was pushed to visit family and to my surprise it was amazing it wasn’t a five star hotel or a lodge but it was definitely good hospitality.

Getting out of the Province of Pretoria to Mpumalanga alone was scary but exciting. I realised that I have locked myself up and created this invisible shield of protection from the outside world and the unknown. Forgetting myself. Meeting new people and doing things I didn’t know I enjoy such as cooking .

Venturing on your own is a need for your own growth and development finding yourself in a different environment. Yes you need money and and and. But when last did you venture in your own backyard and really see how other people live. We are so focused on getting that mansion forgetting to appreciate the flat or two room you have. Seeing how people survive with minimal material staff or even basic needs will open your eyes. Experiencing love and care in a room full of people who don’t have much material staff to offer. It is truly a beautiful site to see.

I had to venture on my own to see a different perspective of my life and current situation.

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