Post Graduation

Graduating sounds like a dream. A far away dream when you are in highschool.

Life after highschool things are not the way it seems, whether you take a gap year or just jump into university or college life just changes. It will reveal the type of person that you really are force you to be disciplined.

I was fortunate enough to go to college my mother is a single mother and she unfortunately couldn’t plan ahead because of being under paid at work and she had to support herself and I. I thought I was not going to college the way the financial situation was at home but my mother found a way to put me through my first year. I did very well. My second year was another struggle to find funding I applied for bursaries but nothing not even my first year marks could get me a bursary. By God’s grace my mother does it again she pulled through with taking me to college I just did my best to show her that I really want to go to school to graduate. The idea of graduating was so close yet another year away.

These two years I learnt alot about myself. I learnt that I do have discipline when I am hungry for success. I wanted to be independent so bad that I was doing part time jobs while I was in college. Unfortunately things don’t last forever I had to quite my job because my mother was worried about my third year and how I will cope with a job, so I quit for the first time after two years of working for my money I won’t lie I felt financially strained. I became more savvy in saving money. When it was time to go back to school my mother didn’t have money for me to finish my final year. I was so stressed out not even the money I had saved was able to cover my school fees. My step father came through for me this time paid my fees and I went to finish my final year, but what is life without disappointments? I failed two modules and I know my mom can not afford those two modules she was barely able to do much for me that year she had lost her job. End of that year I went out and I looked for a job to pay for those two modules I had failed I felt that it was my responsibility to pay for my mistake. I worked at a very fancy boutique, paid me well. The next year I thought I would lose the job it was a temporary position and I didn’t make enough money for my fees, I asked for an extended period of work and that year I had saved a quarter to go back to school. The next 3 months of the new year. I was able to get my school fees. My contract ended and I went back to school finished my two modules and passed them.

Now I am a graduate it sounds unbelievable. Yet bitter sweet. Covid -19 happened and made everything worse not just for me but Graduates before me who were still looking for jobs.

Graduation sounds like a dream but it is just biter sweet when you can not get a job you went to school and studied for. It is the reality of South African graduates. The pain, frustration and disappointment is devastating. Tears family apart or makes them stronger.

I pray that South African youth can get jobs that they have studied for and let us be the last youth to have such a struggle of finding jobs we went to study for.

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