Loss of skills

Key word skills. If you are not nurturing or honing your skills you will lose it. A little backstory about myself.

I have been neglecting my writing skills and social skills for the past few months. Throwing pitty parties for myself and honestly I am tired of partying with pitty. I am not the best in communication considering my mixed cultured family. Language is a barrier because I speak English with my step father, Afrikaans and vernacular with my mother sometimes I would directly translate something from english to vernacular which could turn out being disrespectful to my mother I can add alot more factors that affected my lack of social skills being an indoors person I spend most of my time with adults so the conversation is different then speaking to my peers.

The great news is that you can gain your lack of skills you can learn and practice them. Looked online on how to ignite my skills. I was reading books and English content when listening to radio and watching television shows with educational information even the history channel. I came across a book titled; Speak with power and confidence by Patrick Collins. This was my weapon to walk into an interview and actually grab my interviewers attention. It even gives you tips on being a better listener.

Must read to help with communication

I have to say that my social skills are a working progress at the moment I have not gotten to a point of being able to speak with a public audience but writing to a public audience is like riding a bicycle 🀭.

Key points to growing your skills is practice , learn whether it’s by reading, listening to a radio station or watching TV. I know TV people say you don’t learn anything but when you choose proper content to watch you can learn alot. That’s my two cents. -Sentia πŸ‘‹

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