Wake up and smell the coffee

By: Josentia Mafora

7 min read

21 year-old forthcoming coffee mogul, Jean-Felix de Villiers founder and owner of Nubian Co., he opened his first coffee shop in Woodlands last year.

“Nubian Co. is an African themed brand inspired by North Eastern Africa, around Sudan close to Egypt. That’s where the name comes from”, He further explains with gusto. “We use coffee that comes from those areas from North of Africa. The interior designs are focused on the African theme and the logo is a ram that is found in North Africa.”

“When I started, I didn’t know anything about coffee. I started with a coffee trailer and operated at events then I realised that your busy for two weeks and then suddenly for three weeks there is no event and no income” As an entrepreneur he saw an opportunity to operate daily because events are not a stable income.   

He worked overseas and saved up to open up his own business. With a solid foundation of support from family and networking with people who are within the retail industry.

Jean was able to learn the ropes and open his first coffee shop “with no idea what I was getting into.” He added with such pride in his voice, “I was lucky to have mentors such as my father who is a business man and my uncles they will give me advice whenever I get stuck”.  

We are in the middle of a pandemic and that is not stopping this passionate hungry entrepreneur from making his brand stand-out from the rest. “During the pandemic we have seen a growth because we are so convenient we offer services at events” such as the one that happened on the 1st of August in. With a few people invited to the event, Nubian Co. was one of the coffee establishments that was able to operate during the pandemic. With demand for his service people flocked to have a taste of Nubian Co.’s hot beverages. What to look forward to? Is the opening of more coffee kiosks in various malls.  With his personal touch it isn’t just a coffee shop.

Giving pointers to entrepreneurs who want to venture into the coffee market he says, “You really have to try and figure out which direction you want to go in. You can go into roasting and supplying other restaurants you can go into retail. There is so much you can do in the coffee industry. The big thing is try and focus on one thing until you get a steady income. You can start looking around and branch out.” He continues, “It is very important to have your own brand. Even if you don’t have a product, believe in that brand. Network with the people who are within the industry. Get yourself a mentor and ask for advice.” He further advices to choose wisely when asking a person to mentor you.

Cappuccino being the bestselling hot beverage this winter, I foresee Nubian Co. cappuccino on everyone’s lips this winter.

Jean serving up
NubianCo. Beans

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