Opening doors with your own keys

By Josentia Mafora

7 min read

From playing in his church band in Limpopo, to being a producer, artist and an entrepreneur Thapelo Selahle is known as Stagz Jazz. He talks about his process to being an up-coming artist, the challenge of going to back school and how he is working towards being an all rounded entrepreneur.

 Realising his dream in Pretoria. 

He is a guy that really has a passion for creativity in everything he works on. Stagz Jazz plays the bass guitar, drums and piano but it is just the beginning. In2010 he was introduced to House music and started creating it.

 Being a producer wasn’t his first choice

He was an electrical engineering student and didn’t seem too interested in it anymore, “I would go out of the classes during lessons and get into studio and just get lost in the music.”

Hungry for more he went out to Joburg to promote himself at a record label and he got rejected. The passion fuelled artist started his own record label Stagz Jazz Records in 2013.

Working with House Africa and Sony.

His first album released with House Africa through Sony in 2017 titled Genesis, he further explains “the reason it’s called Genesis it’s because it is the beginning, I am doing it all on my own”.  He realised that the industry needs his full attention and that year he went to school and he wanted to focus his school work studying media, something that he is passionate about.

Being a self-made producer and an artist

The challenge was going back to school and trying not to be noticed” because he has already made a name for himself. But that didn’t last too long because of his love for music. He met people who share mutual musical connection. “So when we are in studio I just forget and itches to add one, two ‘nyana’ (a little) to help where I can.  They will be surprised and just want to produce more things with me. I ended up running away because I needed to be focused on my school work.”

Couldn’t stay away so he started making hip-hop music.

 “What I have learnt is that you need to apply what you learn in class. I listen in class and I go home and apply it. I can’t wait after I graduate to apply what I am doing at the moment. As an artist I like working with other South African DJs. Together we can bring ideas to the table.”

 He produces music that is timeless.

 He is a young artist that feels that he has a long way to go. He likes to work with up-coming artists just like him and just grow with them. His plans for the future? “I am licensed with House Africa. And I would like to remove myself from House Africa. I want to do remix package with different DJs in South Africa, I want my first track to be released with a female vocalist. Her name is Matlatsi. The title of the song is ‘Your love’ just to give it a different sound.”

  A truly young inspiring man with a vision to grow not only himself but his peers with the same vision. Coming up with ideas and seeing opportunity that is what makes him an entrepreneur .

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