Losing your super power

Remember when we were kids we chose our super powers? My friend wanted to be spider man because he had the ability to swing on spider webs and trap things with his web and I was… you guessed it a fairy princes. I wanted to grow plants, dance and sing. My friend and I we would always end up fighting on who has the best super powers. Those were happier times.

Then we grow up and get new friends who teach you new things, some who never lost their super powers. The ability to stay young at heart, that is a “super power” I am referring to. When we get through high school we have gained or lost the ability to stay young due to micro or macro forces in our lives. When my uncle called to let me know that my father had died I felt my powers drained and my eyes gathering tears only to burst out like a running faucet, the pain could be compared to the day my mom told me fairies do not exist believe me I cried till I fell asleep and I was just 8 years old. Losing the man who sang to me, bathed me, taught me how to write my name felt like seeing Superman being exposed to kryptonite. I was 18 years old when I lost my super powers.

It is the little things that my past reminds me of the powers I have lost and big unknowns of my future that get me thinking of the powers I can metamorphose. So even though you feel you have lost your super powers a long time ago, trust me you only getting stronger. Yes we have to grow up but growing up doesn’t mean we should not cherish our super powers of being young at heart that power keeps us interesting and did I mention spontaneous.

Losing our powers make room for new ones to come through.

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