Forgiving myself

I have always been that girl that was over protected by her parents any chance I got to taste freedom… I took with both hands like there will be no tomorrow.

And with that come bad friends that lead me to the freedom I craved, I wanted. While I portrayed my good girl act. Obviously a mother knows her child best. I slowly changed my sinister tendencies were like oil rising to the top thickening, my character changed. Turning my back on good friends.

Self isolated from everyone who I thought didn’t understand me. Little did I know a boy would be in the mix of it all during my teen life. I changed and fitted in very well. With the bad crowd I saw the commonality. You know the saying “misery loves company”, and I was miserable and definitely wanted company so bad. Being the only child gets lonely. So I did everything to fit in. I smoked what I wasn’t supposed to drank what made my body numb.

I didn’t turn out so bad because I had strict parents and I definitely thank my mother for being over protective now because I see now how reckless I was.

Today looking back I just want to forgive myself for putting my life in danger so many times.

Looking back in your life there will come a time where you need to forgive yourself it will not be today or tomorrow and like magic it will be gone.

So forgive myself for all that you did to yourself because of the choices you made.

It is most certainly a rewarding process that you can go through for your spiritual growth.

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