Trained by a narcissist

Tammy a beautiful naïve girl dated Joe a year ago, he was a narcissist she didn’t know what a narcissist was and how they behaved. Joe was a guy who wanted things on his own time never giving Tammy his time unless he wanted something from her.

Tip 1 narcissist choose there victims very wisely they learn your insecurities and they used that against you.

Tammy was a loving person and she jumped into romance with her whole mind, spirit and body. She had great love for Joe and she had some sort of acceptance and patience for this guy. Her insecurity was acceptance, she wanted to be accepted.

The last strew was when Tammy called Joe to meet up with her. Joe agreed and when she went to his place he didn’t answer his phone or open the door. She only got a text later that evening, that he was busy with something else. Ok, in Tammy’s mind more like someone else.

You know every girl just has that gut feeling that this man is playing with my heart.

And she was shattered. Although Joe had the gift of the gap. He tried to lure her back. But this time it was different she was broken.

Earlier this year I meet up with Tammy and she tells me ” I know to spot a narcissistic guy because I have been trained by a narcissist” was still beautiful but not as naïve as before she was hardened some how.

I had more questions then anything else after talking to Tammy. She further told me that she no longer wants relationships just situationships. It’s easier that way for her. She can protect her heart but at the same time enjoy receiving.

Now I have always believed that “,hurt people hurt people” now listening to Tammy I thought to myself this is it. This is why people are not able to move on into happy relationships because they have been hurt before. I know, I know it doesn’t give them the excuse to hurt other people and leave them in situationships.

Being able to notice a narcissist will help you a great deal. So you don’t end up like Tammy.

She might be happy now with her situationships but for how long?

Note: these are fictional characters but the story is real👌

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