The last breath

One afternoon at the local mall I had to go to the restroom. Ok weird way to start my story I know bare with me…As I was leaving the restroom I see a lady probably in her early 40s walking towards the restroom with an elderly lady. Rapping her arms around the elderly lady probably in her 80s, the elderly lady collepsed right into the lady’s arms it was as though a plug was switched off. At that moment without thinking I ran towards them. I shall never forget the look in the elderly lady’s blue eyes as she exhaled for the last time the lady was in a frantic, she didn’t know what to do. I helped her to calm down, the elderly was died on the scene the body turned cold it was heavy to pick her up. I see a man running towards us his crying out “mom, mom” I couldn’t do anything to ease their pain. All I could do was say a little prayer and I left.Now all this happened under 5 minutes and I went down to the parking lot found my mom in the car I started crying. I had no idea why I mean they are not my family but one think I know is that you can die anytime, anywhere and that made cry. Seeing the elderly lady dying right Infront of me. I realised that anytime is tea time to meet your maker.

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