Finding peace and being patient

Emotionally and psychologically I have been impatient with myself. Not finding the peace within myself.

Having sleepless nights and having weird and scary dreams.

Ok side,note I do analyse my dreams. I believe dreams can help you uncover what you can’t uncover in your waking life dreams are a guideline to my inner peace.

I had to think and figure out what they possibly could mean.

If it’s something I can do in my waking life to find inner peace I do it.Meditation is just one of somethings I do everything morning and night.

One of the dreams I have had lately were snakes. Snakes mean that i am having trouble in my waking life. And that was true I was emotionally and psychologically stressed but its not all bad when snakes appear in dreams also mean that there is a transition that is also happening in your waking life it’s not yet visual but it’s coming.

I had to let go of the things that stressed and demotivated me to be able to focus on my school work, social life, and me. I had to isolate myself and be patient with the process of analysing the root of my unstable emotions. It wasn’t easy but I did find peace with the things I couldn’t control and let go.

All of us are looking to let go of things that are holding us back. Let go, put yourself first and say yes to you. -unknown

In the end I just got back to the way things were motivated and enthusiastic towards my school work and my social life and most importantly me.

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