Rebuilding the bridges

On my last post I spoke about burning the bridge. In life burning bridges is not always the way to move forward. There will be people in your life that you need to forgive and or apologize to to rebuild the bridge.

In a journey of finding myself I have made mistakes and some I can never take back. I was a very bad friend and I left questions unanswered, all because I was finding myself, trying to figure out who I am. My way of thinking then was irrational as I reflect upon it now.

In keeping the faith I try to reunite with my old friends rebuilding a friendship I had burnt into ashes in hopes that it will rise from the ashes like a phoenix stronger then before. “My friends will be the ones to know who I really am. So I hope”.

Rebuilding a relationship is not as easy as burning it and never looking back. It takes commitment and honesty with yourself first knowing the real real reason you are trying to fix a relationship that is broken, whether it’s a friendship, relationship whatever -ship it is. I needed to be honest with myself and ask “why am I rebuilding this -ship for?”

Rebuilding is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean your weak when your the first person to fix things just means you are ready to move on.

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